Asset Inventory

  • Get your computer inventory problems under control! The monitor agent delivers a complete software audit and hardware audit right to your browser. Make software asset management simple.

  • Complete machine inventory and configuration

  • All hardware, including CPUs, PCI cards, memory and drives

  • All installed software, including version numbers

  • OS info with version number and service pack build

  • Inventory of internal and external network links

  • Current network settings including local IP address, gateway IP address, DNS, WINS, DHCP, and MAC address

  • Ensure applications and drivers are all at the latest, most up-to-date version

  • Close security holes

  • Reduce interoperability issues

  • Track changes with event notifications

  • Get email notification instantly if a user installs or removes any application

  • In the event of hardware failure, know exactly what manufacturer and model of subsystem failed

  • Reduce multiple on-site visits caused by not having the right components

  • The asset profile is stored on the server, so you know what is there even if the managed computer won’’t boot.

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