Dear Customer

San Francisco Computer Repair Repair is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP), which means it is a company that delivers business solutions built on the Microsoft platform. MCSPs offer customers of all sizes and industries with a full range of services such as Internet, intranet and Commerce solutions; line-of-business applications and client/server implementations.

Through engagement with Microsoft, MCSPs have access to a variety of exclusive resources and early product information. Resources include priority access to a support team of Microsoft certified systems engineers, non-disclosure evaluation of new products and technologies, as well as planning tools and events to keep up to speed on the latest Microsoft product developments and future direction.

San Francisco Computer Repair Repair employs Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs); individuals who have passed certification exams designed to validate their mastery using Microsoft tools and technologies. A recent study of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSEs) and their supervisors by Jack McKillip, Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University, rated MCPs as highly effective workers on the job and IT supervisors rated MCSEs as more competent on all global dimensions as compared to non-certified systems engineers. Be sure to ask for a MCP on your next project.

This year Microsoft will continue to invest in certification and enhanced resources and support for MCSPs as part of our ongoing commitment to provide customers with choice and best of breed product solutions via MCSP companies such as San Francisco Computer Repair Repair.


Sam Jadallah

Vice President, Organization Customer Unit

Microsoft Corp.