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About the Expert Computer Witness:

The beginning of his computing background started with electronics in 1964. There were no personal computers then, but he built an analog computer that did addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. He built this computer with meters and pots (like volume controls). This operated like an electronic slide rule. The computer was elementary but it worked.

In 1966 he built a translation computer using a telephone dial (no there were no touch tone pads then). This computer took a digital number and converted it to binary. He was a terrible math student, but this project made his math teacher feel just as dumb when it came to binary mathematics with ones and zeros. He used transistor driven flip-flop devices and a front end called a debouncer circuit. The engineers at the Burroughs Corporation helped him with that part of the circuit.  He won first prize at the county fair for this invention. He displayed the first integrated circuit at the fair. It was stolen from the display even though it did not work.

In 1967 he converted an old oscilloscope into a submarine game with a remote control but this was just the beginning of video games!

In college, he majored in Radio TV Film and Communication. His senior paper was an extensive report on 2-way cable television. This was truly a vision of the future and birth of Multimedia.

After graduating from college in the early 70’s he went to work for Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena.  He created a ground support test module for Mariner Jupiter Saturn. It used a large 1-MB disk drive and he developed a slow scan conversion electronics module. This was fancy stuff then. He did not see the color photos from that project for another 8 years when MJS flew by the outer planets.

In 1976 he went to work for a major medical electronics manufacturer.  He had debugged a lot of equipment even though he wasn’t in the engineering department. Although he was a field engineer, his modifications made him famous within that company.  He went around the country making these changes to equipment at the customer’s requests. Soon he had diplomatic clearance to travel to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Something unheard of in most circles since the PRC was off-limits to Americans in those days.

In 1980 he started his first computer services company.  He had no idea how to run a business, although his father had his own business and gave him a lot of coaching. In 1985 his company evolved into what is was the largest computer repair company in San Francisco.

While running the computer services company he worked as an expert computer witness for several government projects in the 1990’s

Litigation support for law enforcement specialists involved with high tech crime often involved has and does require data recovery and forensic studies. The use of an expert computer witness can greatly increase your success in court.

His vision of the future is a merging of all technologies. High-definition Television and multimedia computers will merge. Advances in Internet security will allow for voting on-line on important and pressing political issues. This will further reduce the overhead of our top-heavy government administration. Handheld Devices (PDA’s and wristwatches) with low-cost networks will automate and dominate our homes and offices as well as reduce transportation and energy costs. Code burdened operating systems like Windows XP will be simplified and reduced substantially through optimization. Expert witness testimony will be enhanced with historically saved data in operating systems.  Liquid Crystal Screens will be used for more than laptop computers. LCD’s will be in windshields of automobiles displaying interactive data when not transparent for the driver’s manual control. The same LCD’s will also work at home, creating shade and beauty on sunny or rainy days as well as bringing results to the homeowner.


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