San Francisco Computer offers Laptop Repair and Upgrade Service for Notebook Computers.  Since 1995 we have been instrumental in providing service for manufacturers and developers in this line of business.  Ask about our “while you wait” evaluation service. 

Laptop Repair

Laptop Disaster 

This Laptop Was Fixed After Extensive Heat Damage! Laptop repair is our specialty.

The Laptop Repair and Notebook Services department at San Francisco Computer Repair is one of the best equipped diagnostic stations in the industry. Our lead Laptop technicians all have over 20 years experience in their specialty. Our notebook computer Technicians also carry a great many industry-recognized awards of achievement.

Operating System Upgrade Protection

Prevent Windows 10 from “automatically” installing a new operating systems in your laptop.  Roll-Back your OS to a level of security and trust you expect.

Dropped Notebook Computers

Many people have dropped their notebook computer and damaged the case and broken the LCD screens.  While expensive, these disasters can be overcome using less expensive sources for laptop repair parts. So before you throw away that laptop computer, call us for that important ‘second opinion’

Got Milk?

Ever spill soda, water or even a glass of milk on your notebook computer?  If you do, remember to unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.  Turn over the computer and ‘shake out’ the excess fluid.  Then call us for rush service or take your computer to your nearest laptop repair facility for rush service. If you act quickly, you won’t have to struggle to find laptop parts that simply might not be available or economical.

Power Surges

Power Surges and Brown-outs are one of the leading causes of Internal Power Supply and Battery failure. The Tech’s at San Francisco Computer Repair have the equipment and skills necessary to identify the power surge as the cause of the problems and can not only replace the dead hardware but can also identify damaged circuitry in still working hardware. Thus being able to recommend replacement before the system crashes at a crucial time.

Viruses and Malware

Computer viruses and malware have become an absolute fact of life. they are much more prevalent among PC’s as well. They are transmissible via the internet, USB storage, network, or any shared resource. The technicians at San Francisco Computer Repair have been known to find, and safely remove undocumented viruses and malware. San Francisco Computer Repair    Our technicians have multiple tools to remove viruses, malware, and spyware.  Aren’t these the people you would want as your doctors, were you a sick PC?

The “Bug” Collection

Here at San Francisco Computer Repair has one of the largest collection of virus “specimens” that anyone could imagine.  We know how viruses work, and how to protect systems from them without slowing your systems down.

English not Geekish

Yes! We speak English (and Spanish). When you bring your PC for repair at San Francisco Computer Repair you will have your diagnosis explained so that you can understand what is being said. Techno babble is for the guys in the IS department at Microsoft. You aren’t a cyber-geek and we won’t talk to you like you are. We feel that it is important for the customer to understand what is going on with their equipment.

All Brands Serviced!

Nation Wide Service Available