Never before has so much functionality been so easy to use for such a low price. Check it out for yourself today.

Asset Inventory

Audit Maintain a current list of what is installed on each managed machine with scheduled hardware and software audits. Get automatic notification immediately when an audit detects any change.

Software Deployment

Deploy software updates and new software installations to an entire organization with a single click.

Remote Control

View and operate managed machines as if they were right in front of you. Reach managed machines even from a smartphone.  Leverages best of breed remote control programs: WinVNC, pcAnywhere, Teamviewer, Citrix, and Radmin.

Event Log Monitor

Captures and consolidates error and other event logs. Instantly receive an alert when a critical event occurs. Easily configure your alert notification to be as general as when any error event occurs, or as specific when a particular event occurs.

Network Policy Enforcement

Monitor network usage by machine and by the application use. Limit network access to only corporate-approved applications.

System monitoring Details

Get instant notification when:

  • A critical server or desktop goes offline.
  • A user installs a new application
  • A user removes an application
  • A user removes or adds a hardware
  • Any managed machine runs low on disk space
  • Any protected file is accessed or modified
  • An unapproved application attempts to access the network
  • A scheduled backup completes or has an error
  • A server drive array will fail soon

Integrated Reports

Generate comprehensive reports detailing any single managed machine or an entire network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       How much does this service cost? 

 The basic monitoring services are very inexpensive, starting at just $20 per month for basic monitoring. Compare this to thousands of dollars you could spend by using another service provider or when placing a call for on-site service.

2.      How long will the service take to install?  

This service can be installed within minutes. The service is software-based and web-distributed; therefore, there is minimal on-site installation. I will configure and customize the service to fit your network specifications.

3.      What happens when a problem occurs with my network?

We and optionally you will be notified immediately if a problem occurs with your network and will provide the tools and manpower to correct the problem. You will not be responsible for monitoring or by correcting a problem unless you choose to do so. Access to your network is done over a secure network, so an on-site visit is usually not required.

We offer monitoring, notification, and knowledge services that help maximize network availability, security, and performance for businesses such as yours.  We replace the cost, complexity, and long implementation time of traditional management tools with the speed, flexibility, and low-cost of web-hosted and delivered management services.  This web-based service provides customized tools configured and managed for your network.

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