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San Francisco Computer offers comprehensive printer repair service.   Laser printers, line printers, thermal printers, and plotters.  We cover them all and we have offering printer repair service since 1980.

Printer Repair Service

Printer Repair Service Planning with a Printer Maintenance Agreement

Planning is the key to a successful maintenance program. High volume printers are identified, giving special attention can be given to those most frequently used devices. Scheduled maintenance is setup for non-peak printing times, eliminating interfere with mission critical operations.  Using a proprietary software tool, we are able to predict and detect failures before they adversely affect your business.

We use your floor plan, or one of our own  to develop a reference chart for each unit under maintenance. This will help expedite calls and decrease off-line time.  Contact us for a free sample chart we employ to identify your printers. Remember that printer repair service need perfect site plans for faster service.


Optionally, we will set up or assist your network administrators in Jet-Administration software setups. Since many network printers have IP addresses, the printers can actually report conditions like low toner, maintenance needed scheduling and downed printers due to a paper jam or other error condition.  Setting up Jet-Administration software will allow the computers to page our technicians before serious problems occur!


Not all toner cartridges are the same. We recommend using original manufacturers’ toner cartridges. Although there are many fine refurbished toner cartridge providers, manufacturers do provide the most consistent level of overall quality. If you do use refurbished cartridges, be sure that the quality is guaranteed.  Some cartridge refurbishes just refill the cartridge with toner, leaving a worn drum inside. This can cause lines down the sides of the page on the printouts. In addition, heat-distorted plastic parts and a non-lubricated drum bushing can cause premature motor failure, toner spills, and electrical shorts.  Printer repair service can be minimized by using the manufacturer’s original cartridge.

Maintenance Agreements

A contract written in simple English and without legal jargon is easier to understand and contains all the necessary essential terms of the maintenance agreement to provide printer repair services.  Preventative maintenance can be scheduled from 1 to 4 times per year or not at all.  A list of covered equipment is attached to the maintenance agreement and is itemized by cost per printer.  For a maintenance agreement quote please call or write and include the make and model of each piece of equipment you want to cover.  Currently,we also offer ‘Executive Agreements’ that cover end user support, supplies, computers and networks as well as printer repair service.

What We do During a Maintenance Visit:

Check Ventilation 

We check fans and ambient noise levels. We choose to replace noisy fans instead of lubricating them. This is done because heat may have also damaged the integrity of the windings within the fan motor. A bad fan can cause excessive heat, damaging sensitive electronic circuitry. Loose screws can cause noise, dropping into the mechanism as they completely free themselves, so we make sure that screws are always tightened after parts are replaced. In addition, we will advise you of potential damage due to the location of printers and overall room temperature.

Inspect Fusers 

We check the fuser / fixing assembly. Fusers melt the toner to the paper, thus ‘fixing’ it. We check the fuser and fuser wand to excessive toner build-up. Changing the wand when you replace the toner cartridge will greatly extend the life of the fuser. If the fuser is bad, or excessive wear is noted, we choose to replace the fuser entirely and not just replace parts. This greatly reduces down time and a factory replacement contains all new parts, not just a replacement of the defective ones.

Print Quality 

Print quality is what every user expects to be perfect. If imperfections are noticed, we will identify the problem and correct it by replacing necessary parts. If a defective cartridge is to blame, we will notify your staff as to the nature of the cartridge defect.

Paper Trays 

We check input and output trays for excessive wear. Input and output trays are often neglected when servicing laser printers. Simple cleaning goes a long way in preventing a tray failure.


We clean and refurbish pickup and transfer rollers. Using patented chemicals, we often extend the life of the rollers in your printers. This reduces down time as well by contributing to overall lower maintenance costs overall. If excessive wear or hardness is noted, we always replace pickup rollers or exit rollers with factory new assemblies. Separation pads are always examined and usually replaced. These are often made of cork and help ensure that just one piece of paper is picked up at a time.

Corona Wires 

We keep corona wires clean. Dirty corona wires often cause imperfections in print quality. Cleaning the corona wires takes very little time, but can improve print quality dramatically. Corona wires are often contained within the toner cartridge and are extremely delicate. Please be careful if you choose to do this yourself!

Optical Assemblies 

We help keep lenses clean. Depending on the laser printer, lenses can be exposed to environmental pollutants and can create print quality problems. When practical, we clean these lenses to ensure the best print quality with EPA approved compressed gases. If serious print quality is caused due to contaminants in a sealed laser scanner assembly, the assembly is replaced with one that is either factory cleaned, refurbished, or a completely new one. Internal mirrors contained in these scanners takes some time to get to, so it is almost always faster to replace the assembly than to clean the mirrors in the field.


We will lubricate necessary gears and mechanisms. Noise during printing can be reduced by lubricating critical parts. In addition, some manufacturers recommend lubricating drive gear clusters. We use factory recommended lubricants when possible. When lubrication is recommended and no particular lubricant is specified, we use patented lubricants of a viscosity we familiar with to have the most positive effect on the gear mechanisms.

Air Filters

We will replace badly clogged ozone filters. Ozone filters collect a lot of dust and excessive heat can develop within the printer. Our technicians will replace and show your staff where these filters are and how easily they are to replace.

Toner Spills 

We check toner cartridges when we see toner spills. Toner spills can cause poor print quality and electrical shorts. Our technicians use 3M brand vacuüm cleaners that contain toner quality micro filters to ensure OSHA standards are maintained within your facilities. Although sensors are normally cleaned during standard preventative maintenance, special attention is placed on cleaning sensors and optics with EPA approved compressed gas when toner spills are cleaned up.


About our Technicians

Our technicians are factory authorized and carry a minimum of 2 years experience. In addition, they are required to have both an extensive electronics background and computers and networking experience. When it comes to printer repair services, we have you covered!

San Francisco Computer Repair is proud to be an Elite Service Center for Brother, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Okidata, Lexmark, QMS-Minolta, IBM, Printronix, Panasonic, and many others. We carry a complete stock of parts for these printers and our 95% customer satisfaction rating with Canon is one of the highest in the country. Canon based engines are in 90% of the laser printers sold by Hewlett Packard and other manufacturers and, out of 10,279 complaints of poor service reported to the Bay Area Better Business Bureau in the last year, our company received none! It is no wonder that many companies call us the best-kept secret among the San Francisco area repair businesses. So when it comes to printer repair services, rest assured  we do it right the first time.  Printer repair service by by the original San Francisco Computer Repair Company.


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